Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Latest fiction & news updates

It's been a great week so far. The biggest and most exciting development is that Menda City Review, where I serve as associate editor, has won the Story South Million Writers Award for "Best new online magazine or journal." We are sharing this honor with Clarkesworld Magazine, with an "honorable mention" going out to Helix: A Speculative Fiction Quarterly. Major congrats to MCR editor Terry Rogers, whose commendable efforts have brought this new and, in my humble opinion, entirely unique publication to the forefront, where its readership is rapidly growing each month. Congrats also to assistant editor Dan Bachleda, whose haunting and beautiful"Bad Effigy", is one of no less than four (count 'em, four!) MCR stories listed as "Notable Stories of 2006." Also sharing in the huzzahs are Andy P. Jones, Lori Hahnel, and Aaron Hellem, whose excellent stories may be found linked, along with all other "notables", here. Please read them - they rock.

As far as my own scribblings are latest short story, "The Paper Fable," is now online in the May 9th issue of Pindeldyboz. This follows hot on the heels of "A Word From Our Sponsors," which came out May 1st in The Cafe Irreal.

Readers of my political-philosophical-cultural blog Oni-Goroshi's Bleeding Heart can check out my latest essay, "Outing the L-word Part 2: Nature, Power, and Hierarchy" at Thomas Paine's Corner. This is part of a planned series of 5 essays about the influence (both good and bad) of free-market Libertarian thought on modern political discourse. (And just in case there's any confusion on the matter; I am not a Libertarian, God forbid).

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