Friday, October 17, 2008

New story

My latest story, "The Fourth Room," is in the new October issue of The Dream People. This one represents an early example of something I've been experimenting with recently - embedded mythology. Another experimental flash-fiction story of mine will be appearing in the December issue of Underground Voices.

I seem to be sharing a lot of space recently with the talented and ridiculously prolific J.A. Tyler. My story "Why the Letter to Your Congressman Will Not Be Read" appeared in his online lit mag Mud Luscious earlier this year, and he has a piece called "Horse" in the latest update to Menda City Review, where I'm associate editor. And now here we are together in The Dream People! Of course, if you check out the list of publications on his website, you'll see he's been in about a bazillion publications, so he's pretty much inescapable. His work is vivid and distinct, and definitely worth tracking down.

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j. a. tyler said...

I just read your piece in the new issue. congrats. nice work on that. I am glad to share pages.