Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More new work & Pushcart

The monotony of Christmas music. The threat of unemployment. The daily sight of your retirement plan plunging downwards into the light-less elevator shaft of ruin and assured, I'm there with you. Since misery loves company, I offer you my latest jar of acid - something to throw in the face of adversity. It's a little flash fiction called The Flat Hour, in the December online edition of Underground Voices.

In other news, I received notice a few days ago that my story "Why The Letter To Your Congressman Will Not Be Read," from this summer's Mud Luscious, is now a Pushcart nominee. Also nominated from Mud Luscious are "an excerpt from Degenerescence" by James Chapman and "Reading to Sleep" by Jack Martin. Both are luminous and haunting. They are in issues #5 and #4 respectively. I recommend a visit.


j. a. tyler said...

nice piece in uv. very interesting structure. congrats.

Andrew S. Taylor said...

Thank you, ja.