Complete List of Published Fiction and Non-Fiction

The First Revolt, BigCityLit, Spring 2017 read

Two Crows, Two Wires, and the Moon, Roar volume 6, July 2015  buy

Companion for the Night, Bloodbond, May 2014  buy

Author Bios, Defenestration, July 2013 read

Every Body Is More Than Human, Abyss & Apex, October 2012 read

Some Things That Happen in the Future, Sein und Werden, July 2011 read

Qualia, The Cafe Irreal, May 2011 read

The Curtain
, Menda City Review, April 2011 read

Within Reason, Willows Wept Review, Fall 2010, read

Starlings, Toasted Cheese, September 2010, read

Swamp AngelsNeedles & Bones, Drollerie Press, 2009 

Punctuation, Toasted Cheese, December 2009, read

Weather Report, With Commentary, decomP,
December 2009, read

Echolalia, Menda City Review, October 2009 read

After Ragnarok, Wamack:A Journal of the Arts, August 2009 read

The Entropy Room, decomP, May 2009 read

Frozen Foods, Word Riot, April 2009, read

That Which Dreams Does Not Sleep, Thieves Jargon, April 2009 read

God's Corner: A weekly advice column from the Supreme Being, Monkeybicycle, December 2008 read

The Flat Hour, Underground Voices, December 2008 read

The Fourth Room, The Dream People, October 2008 read

Why The Letter To Your Congressman Will Not Be Read, Mud Luscious, June 2008 read

Dark Planet, Sein und Werden, June 2008 read

The Undiscovered Country, Apparently, Pindeldyboz, March 2008

The Paper Fable, Pindeldyboz, May 2007

A Word From Our Sponsors, The Cafe Irreal, May 2007

Seven Faces of the Assassin, Mad Hatter's Review, October 2006

The Poison Fable, Menda City Review, July 2006

The Node , Pindeldyboz, March 2006

Ten One-Sentence Stories, Promethean, 2005

Dust #2, Promethean, 2004

How the Woods Were Made, Peridot Books, Vol.17, Summer, 2003

The Assassin's List, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, March 2001


Book review: The Other One: Stories by Hasanthika Sirisena, American Book Review, Spring 2017

Book review: Beheading the Virgin Mary and Other Stories by Donal McLaughlin and The Encyclopaedia of Good Reasons by Monica Cantieni, trans. Donal McLaughlin, American Book Review, September/October 2014

Book review: Silent Conversations by Anthony Rudolf, American Book Review, March/April 2014

Book review: Zbinden's Progress by Christoph Simon, tr. Donal McLaughlin, American Book Review, March/April 2013

How and Why to Regulate the American Corporation, Dissident Voice, September 2010 read

Book review: The Book of Rude and Other Outrages: A Queer Self-Portrait, by Stephen Sure, Charles Suhor, ed., American Book Review, July/August 2008

The Voter Fraud That Didn't Exist, Cold Type, June 2008 read

Book Review: Dream by Stephen Duncombe, American Book Review, March/April 2008

Book Review: Shooting War, Menda City Review, February 2008

Arthur Nersesian with Andrew S. Taylor, Brooklyn Rail, October 2007

Sicko 2: Moore vs. Gupta, TPC/Cyrano, July 2007

Sicko: Framing the Debate, TPC/Cyrano, July 2007

Marriage and Civilization, Menda City Review #7, March 2007

Moral Mathematics in the Post-Enlightenment Era, Menda City Review #6, December 2006

At War With an Abstract Concept, Menda City Review #5, October 2006

Book Review:The Blind Man and the Beauty by Arturo Loria, American Book Review, March/April 2005

Book Review: Chinese Takeout by Arthur Nersesian, American Book Review, March/April 2003

*partial list

Honors and Awards

Million Writers Award "Notable Story" for "That Which Dreams Does Not Sleep," 2009

Pushcart nomination for "Why the Letter to Your Congressman Will Not Be Read," 2009

Million Writers Award for "Best new online magazine or journal," (for Menda City Review), 2006

Meyer Cohen Graduate Essay Award in Literature, The City College of New York, 2005

Alice B. Stark Award for Short Fiction, The City College of New York, 2003

The Albert Friend Award for Excellence in Medieval Studies, The City College of New York, 2002

Honorable Mention, Best American Mystery Stories 2002, (ed. Otto Penzler and James Ellroy)