Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hi there

Granted, nine months is a long time to go without posting. I have a good excuse. Excuses, actually. They are: my last semester of law school, two legal internships, and studying for and taking the bar exam and the MPRE. I finished the latter just yesterday. These things were a bit time consuming and stressful. In fact, it was like getting repeatedly run over by a very large truck. I'm not even sure what I mean by that exactly, but it somehow seems apt.

Much as I think going to law school was a good thing -- great, actually -- I'm glad it's over. No, glad doesn't even begin to describe it. Let me explain. Today was a Sunday. Here's what I did today: everything I wanted and nothing that mattered. I woke up, watched Futurama over breakfast, then spent the next three hours revising a short story which I will soon send out for publication. Then, my wife and I went out for a late brunch, to a place in Queens which makes a delicious Spanish Omelette. We came back home, and I worked on the story a little more, and then spent the rest of the day reading science fiction -- the latest Nebula short story nominees, to be specific. At no point today did I do or think about anything practical.

I haven't really had a day like this in over three years. Sure, I've had days off of school and work, but they were fleeting, and couldn't escape the shadow cast by the many responsibilities looming over them. And, while I still have a lot to do, like find a permanent law-related job position, I know that I can once again begin to lead a normal life with evenings and Inconceivable! After the grind of work by day, law school by night, even a 50+ hour work week will seem like a permanent vacation. No more briefing cases in class. No more getting cold-called by the prof (which age and experience does not render any less unnerving). No more final exams. No more having to do this at night after a day at the office. Ever.

I'm not even deeply worried if I have to take the bar exam again. I can deal with another bar exam. It won't be until July!

As for my writing, I've managed to squeeze it in, somehow, into the random cracks of time, the half-hour interludes and early mornings over the last nine months, and complete about a half-dozen story drafts, along with perhaps ten outlines of ideas for new work. I'm already starting to send things out again.

Next task: fix the design on this ugly-ass blog. Seriously.